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“While we were initially apprehensive about investing in new training and coaching programs, thank goodness we went ahead. We are astonished by how easy it has all been and the investment is quite frankly miniscule in the context of the unbelievable outcomes achieved.

Our managers and staff alike are highly motivated and regularly encouraged to reach new heights by Diana who helps them to achieve inspirational goals both personal and professional. They have endless fun while learning new skills and as a team are rapidly taking the business forward.

Diana has successfully facilitated a positive cultural change for our organisation. She is a results focused professional who breaks down barriers and allows people in business to achieve their true potential."

Vaughan Keenan


“Diana has the wonderful ability to bring people along with her in any training or counselling situation. Her presence and her preparation are second to none. This ensures maximum engagement with any group, while at the same time ensuring the practical realities are dealt with and results can follow in real-time and real customer service and sales situations.”

Matt Jenkins
McPherson Media

“Diana has the ability to listen to your brief and then tailor a solution to meet your needs and deliver measurable results. One of the key measures of Diana’s success is my teams always want her back.”

Sonya Keenan

“The results were excellent with a better team balance, a focus on individual roles and responsibilities and team members better understood each others strengths.”

Gerry Drum
Irish Independent

“Thank you Diana for the outstanding training session with my team! You are an inspiration (as always). You have an incredible and unique way of getting people to lift to new heights and achieve more than they ever think is possible.”

Sam Gregory
Frontline Construction

“Much of my professional success and our business growth today, I accredit to the coaching and mentoring I’ve received from Diana Stowers. We consistently practice and preach the key relationship building, sales and networking skills, learned through training with Diana.”

Sue Willis
Quest Newspapers

“Diana is passionate, resourceful, and totally committed to delivering the best possible outcome for her clients. She is not content to trot out a “one size fits all” answer, but works to understand individual requirements, then draws on her extensive experience to deliver a tailored solution that works.”

Therese Blaisdale
Principal Consultant, Blaisdale Consulting

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