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From managing time and setting goals, through to the 10 steps of the sales process, as well as negotiating, territory management , sales management and superior customer service skills, these progr... Read More

Based on the best seller, Who Moved My Cheese, these programs explore the process and pain of personal and organisational change and equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to cop... Read More

Based on the best seller, Fish, these programs explore the different cultures that exist in different organisations and equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to design and exper... Read More

Based on the text ‘Ads that Work’ by Diana Stowers, these programs are focused on effectively communicating with your existing and potential customers through deliberately crafted adve... Read More

Using the internationally accepted assessment tools DISC, MYER BRIGGS, NLP (Nero linguistic programming) and EI (Emotional Intelligence) these programs explore different personality types, behaviou... Read More

Based on the proven De Bono process, Six Thinking Hats, these programs explore the need to think clearly, thoroughly and innovatively at all levels of the organisation. Participants become more pro... Read More

Do your business documents attract the right readers and keep them reading? Learn how to adapt your writing for different audiences and mediums (e.g. reports, proposals, business cases, etc). Write... Read More

Including all parts of the process from recruitment and selection through induction, feedback, coaching, counselling, to the discipline tool, these programs are ideal for new managers charged with ... Read More

Whether the need is to improve verbal skills, telephone techniques, email etiquette or simply enhance relationships in the workplace, these interactive and creative programs can meet basic, interme... Read More

Email communications are important and sometimes risky! Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation is rife and unintentional rudeness is common. If you are able to manage company emails more effectivel... Read More

Suitable for all staff at all levels, these programs compare the good, the bad and the ugly customer service experiences shared by the participants. Using a variety of industries we explore ways in... Read More

This program will equip you to uncover learning needs and then design and deliver appropriate coaching and training sessions in your workplace. Suitable for new managers and those wanting to up ski... Read More

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