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Photo of Christie Offices

Christie Offices

Christie Offices is a privately owned Australian company who distinguish themselves from their competitors due to their portfolio of commercial office buildings, which have been carefully converted to provide a full range of Christie Offices. From offices, virtual offices meeting rooms and training and conference rooms, their goal is to support their tenants needs and provide a unique range of flexible office options. Christies is our preferred and recommended training venue in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Photo of Wahoo Advertising

Wahoo Advertising

Wahoo are a full-service creative agency firmly focused on making an impact. Wahoo aim high, work strategically, take their clients further than they might think is possible. Wahoo create real advertising and marketing solutions that work. They tell stories the way they should be told and reach the people who count. The Wahoo team is technically savvy; the Wahoo people are the kind of people you’ll feel right at home with. Once they’ve connected with you they’ll stay connected, proactively managing the relationship and your needs. Wahoo is our preferred and recommended full-service creative agency.

Photo of Skill Junction

Skill Junction

Skill Junction’s online training courses help to increase productivity, engagement and business results while helping to reduce conflict, demotivation and poor performance in the workplace. At Skill Junction the team believe that if you want to get ahead in your career but can’t seem to find the time to book a day or more out of the office then online training is the answer. That way you can control what, how and when you learn. At Skill Junction, the online courses have been designed in “bite-size” bits that are easy to manage. Skill Junction is our preferred and recommended online training organisation.

Photo of Bag Your Books

Bag Your Books

Bag your Books is a Bookkeeping service for Sole Traders, Subcontractors & Small Business with the focus on allowing business owners to concentrate on their business without the stress of ongoing paperwork nightmares. Business owners can save time and money when bookkeeping is kept up to date and accurately recorded. The simple bag it and send it system allows the freedom to invest time into growing the business and offers up to date accurate numbers immediately, essential to planning for future business success. Bag your Books is our preferred and recommended bookkeeping provider.

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